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Our Management Team

The three primary owners of the Eco Depot USA are: Curtis Scheib, Founder, President and CEO; Keri Brown, Vice President, Sales and Marketing; and Michael Brown, Director of Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

  • Curtis Scheib: President and CEO

Mr. Curtis Scheib has been working in environmentally conscious building since 1993. He was the president of his own company which focused on sustainable building and remodeling. His experience has enabled him to become a well respected expert in the field of green building. As a general contractor, he has constructed over 35 homes and three spec homes.

Mr. Scheib is knowledgeable in all aspects of construction from foundation, to electrical, plumbing, framing, plastering and finish work. In 1995, he started working with Solar Energy International (SEI), first partaking in their solar and wind classes, and then teaching and using his construction sites for class installation demonstrations.

Mr. Scheib, and his contributions to sustainable building, have been highlighted in countless newspaper and magazine articles/ interviews. He has also given lectures at state colleges, expos, and at the Sustainable Living Fair in Fort Collins, Colorado. Through Eco Builders, he has been teaching seven workshops a year on sustainable building techniques. His goals with teaching are to help educate the public and other professional builders on alternative methods of construction and energy choices.

Owning his own construction business for the last 14 years has given Mr. Scheib the experience necessary to manage large crews and subcontractors, as well as to work with budgets and time schedules.

He has engineered, designed and installed a number of solar electric systems (both on and off-grid), solar thermal systems, and a number of wind-powered systems. His design expertise allows him to offer solutions to any renewable energy installation problem.

Some specific contracts he has completed include the Waldorf School in Carbondale, Colorado and the Environmental Center at Aspen Elementary School in Aspen, Colorado.

Mr. Scheib is a NABCEP certified installer, BP certified PV Solar installer, as well as Sharp SRS certified. He is trained in system integration for both off-grid and grid-tied solar PV systems. He carries certification from Viessmann Solar Thermal training, as well as Small Wind Installation Training from Solar Energy International. 

  • Keri Brown: Vice President

Dr. Keri Brown is a licensed Naturopathic physician, educator and businesswomen. Her education includes a B.S. in Environmental Biology and Chemistry, and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. She has lived with solar energy since 1986 and has been installing since 2006. She wrote and received a USDA grant in 2007 enabling completion of professional training offered by Solar Energy International for solar energy and wind.

In the late 1980’s, Dr. Brown worked as a forest hydrologist and fisheries biologist with the National Forest Service. In 1991, she became an entrepreneur and has been a primary business owner ever since.

In the early 1990’s she ran a painting and remolding company named “Coats of Many Colors”. Moreover, in 2000, she opened a private medical practice in Salida, CO. Prior to that time, she was a partner and collaborator with Sojourns Community Clinic in Saxtons River, VT where she helped start a non-profit integrated health care clinic. The clinic had received over $600,000 in donations, and had 11 doctors plus office staff, at the time of her leaving. Besides her patient responsibilities, she designed, managed and ran a medical dispensary, patient triage, and oversaw all QuickBooks accounting.

Her bookkeeping and office management skills have helped her to maintain profitable businesses for many years. Her vast professional talents include: product analysis, educational outreach programs, office management, site analysis, human resources and sales, marketing, and installation of renewable technologies.

Dr. Brown is a BP certified PV Solar installer, as well as Sharp SRS certified. She is trained in system integration as well as in small wind. 

  • Michael Brown: EPC Director

Mr. Brown has been involved in resource management and as a director of operations within the oil and gas industry for many years. He has worked in a variety of situations that have enhanced not only his ability to communicate with a variety of people, but also in a variety of situations and locations. He has traveled extensively and performed many jobs that have lead to direct experience in engineering, sales and construction.

Over the last 15 years, he has been working in the pipeline industry as a Journeyman Pipeline Supervisor. He has managed crews of varying ethnic diversity and language backgrounds. Many of these interactions required skills of great patience, creativity and have included challenging situations.

In the early 90’s, Mr. Brown ran his own company, FMB Promotions. FMB’s focus was on the promotion of motorcycle advocacy and racing. He promoted, marketed, organized and directed large-scale motorcycle races, on both tracks and procured space, on BLM and National Forest Lands.

Mr. Brown’s skills include but are not limited to promotions, marketing, organization, product procurement, scheduling, installation and construction. His human resource skills are valuable in managing client interactions and crew enthusiasm.

Mr. Brown is a BP certified PV Solar installer and has completed coursework, offered by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, in small wind. And is a contributing member of the AWEA. ( American Wind Energy Association)


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