Just what is renewable energy and how does it work?

Twenty five years ago, it used to be that terms like 'solar power' and 'renewable energy' were terms used only by a few academics, some environmentalists or maverick modern home steader types. Well we've come a long way since then. Now renewable energy has a place - or needs to find a place - in everyone's life. With the growing awareness of how we produce and use energy and how it relates to the environment, the economy and our own budgets, renewable energy is rapidly becoming the smart choice for a wider and wider cross-section of people. From the farmer or rancher with large tracts to manage to the remotely located home owner who can't afford the cost to run utilities lines, off-grid systems are enjoying greater use for wider applications all the time. And those who once only had off-grid applications as an option can now off set their energy usage with grid inter-tie systems that not only ease your utility bill, but help reduce carbon emissions

Regardless of where you're coming from or where you're going to, a solid analysis of what your energy needs are will help you tailor your plans and designs to just the system you need now and in the future. The fundamentals guide will help you develop that analysis and get you on your way to designing Your system!

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