The Whole Building Approach

When considering energy efficiency and sustainable living practices and products it is important to consider the building as a system. Most energy demands are related to each other. For example: a well insulated structure requires not only less heating and cooling but also less energy to distribute and circulate this conditioned air. Correctly placed windows can not only heat the building, but can also contribute a great deal of natural light, thus reducing both heating and lighting requirements. A structure that is designed from the ground up with energy efficiency in mind will require much less of a renewable energy power system.

Trying to utilize renewable energy to power the conventional American home or commercial building with its conventional appliances can be an unnecessarily expensive project. Reflection on these costs has prompted most of our customers to look first to conservation to reduce their loads. This is a cost effective move even for those still on utility power. For those going with renewable energy, it can mean a much smaller and less expensive system.

You will no longer be just a consumer. You can now manage your own power plant and enjoy the benefits and responsibilities entailed. It is critical that you know where your power is going. It is important that you compile the best information you can for the design process. It is important that you understand the basic elements of how your system functions.

We are here as an information and product resource and as a backup should you need to troubleshoot a problem. You do not need to know all the electronic components that make up the internal workings of each controller or inverter. It is important that you are comfortable and knowledgeable with the day to day operation and mainte­nance requirements of your equipment, and that you rely upon yourself to ask us questions if there is something you do not understand.

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