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Today's Solar Hot Water Systems Are...


Reliable: Solar hot water systems are designed to provide hot water   using the clean and safe power of the sun first and other fuel sources as a backup.

Affordable: Tax credits and state incentives reduce your cost, making solar hot water affordable everywhere.

Aesthetic: Looks great on almost any home. Flexible mounting hardware allows for installation on roofs and walls, or on the ground.

Economical: A typical solar hot water system will reduce fuel use by as much as three-quarters, saving you money for the entire 20 year life of the system.

Ecological: Solar water heaters consume no fossil fuels, making your home safer and our planet cleaner. 

Socially Responsible: Reduced dependence on fossil fuels means reduced dependence on foreign energy sources. 

Renewable: The sun rises every day, and provides clean, safe, reliable energy

Solar Hot Water Systems

Eco Depot USA offers clean, reliable solar hot water or solar thermal systems that help reduce your energy use (up to 75 percent) by providing independence from traditional heating sources.

This is the most environmentally-friendly method of domestic hot water heating, as well as a backup or supplement for low-temperature heating purposes.

A solar hot water production system can provide enough energy to meet up to 3/4 of your domestic hot water or hot water heating systems needs, even in cold climates.

Given that domestic hot water is the second highest energy cost in a typical household, an Eco Depot USA solar hot water system can help you reduce your energy bill, our reliance on imported fossil fuel, and help beat global warming.

Intelligent Energy Management

Intelligent Energy Management of your Solar thermal system ensures that heat from the solar collectors is utilized as efficiently as possible, either for domestic hot water or central heating backup. System controls communicate with the boiler circuit control, and switches off the boiler as soon as sufficient solar heated water is available. This relieves the boiler and reduces energy costs. For example, if your water typically comes in at 40° F, a solar thermal system will preheat that same water in the range of 115° to 185°.

The heat from solar collectors is transferred to the water via the lower heat exchanger coil in the holding tank. The upper heat exchanger coil accommodates reheating by the heating boiler.

The Solar thermal panels we utilize today are the highest quality available. Flat plate panels work best in sunny climates with and also perform better and hold up to a heavy snow.  Highly effective solar vacuum tube collector can even utilize diffused solar radiation and pick up solar energy under cloudy conditions.

Both types of solar thermal panels are suitable not only for domestic hot water applications, but also as a backup for central heating purposes in a properly designed system.



Stainless Steel Domestic Hot Water Tanks

Stainless steel domestic hot water tanks are used for hygienic domestic hot water heating. A Dual heat exchanger coil is used for solar heating applications in conjunction with solar collectors and a heating boiler.

System Sizing

Eco Depot USA Solar Thermal Systems are custom designed to meet your needs. The size of a system will depend on your need, your use, and the building size.

A typical domestic hot water system requires two panels and a tank size ranging from 60 to 120 gallons. A central heating system can require 4 or more panels and a much larger holding tank.

Businesses usually require a larger system to meet their needs. In this case, tanks can be custom sized to maximize the energy efficiency of the solar thermal system.

Rebates and Financing


Grants, rebates and tax incentives apply to solar thermal systems in many areas. There are a number of Rural Electric Association Cooperatives that now offer incentives.

Some of the brands we sell and service are

Viessman, Shuco, Steible Eltron and Heliodyne.  All of our products are American or German made.

If you are interested in lowering your gas bill for your domestic hot water or heating system, give us a call or contact Eco Depot USA



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