An excellent complement to any battery system - Is Wind Generation for you?

Electricity produced by wind generation can be used directly, as in water pumping applications, or it can be stored in batteries for household usage. Wind generators can be used alone, or they may be used as part of a hybrid system, in which their output is combined with that of photovoltaics, and/or a fossil fuel generator. Hybrid systems are especially useful for winter backup of home systems where cloudy weather and windy conditions occur simultaneously.

What is a Grid Tied Wind System?

A grid tied wind system captures energy from the wind and allows you to feed that power into the grid and draw it back out as needed. The system consists of three main parts: a wind turbine on a tower, an inverter and a power meter. Together, these three elements work to ensure a continuous flow of electricity into your home.

  • The wind turbine captures energy from the wind by using a propeller to turn an electric generator.
  • The power inverter takes the current from the wind generator and converts it to the proper house hold voltage and frequency. Then the conditioner decides whether to feed the power into your house or into the grid based on how much power you are using.
  • The power meter allows electricity to flow into the grid when you generate more than you use and back in to your house when you use more than you generate. The meter also enables your electrical utility company to rebate you for the electricity that you feed back into the grid, thus lowering your power bill.

Not for the uncommitted

Small-scale wind energy is not for the uninvolved or uncommitted. It is a moving dynamic machine that requires maintenance and some owner involvement.

Also particular attention needs to be paid to whether there is truly good wind power potential. There are a lot of sources to find out if you have adequate wind power to justify the investment in a wind power system.

While there are tens of thousands of happy wind-electric system owners, these owners did their homework by purchasing, designing, and installing rugged and well-thought-out systems on adequately sized towers.

In addition, they are either committed to maintaining the systems, or to hiring someone to do yearly maintenance.

The North American landscape is littered with failed installations: designs not fully thought-out or tested, machines bought because they were cheap, and installations that required more time and money for repairs than they ever yielded in electricity generated. Many of the failures were the result of wishful thinking and too little research.

While many first-time wind turbine buyers may be looking for a bargain, second-time wind turbine buyers are seeking the most rugged machine they can afford. You can avoid a painful “learning experience” by focusing on durability, production, warranty, and record of accomplishment, and not on price alone, or on peak output.

You don’t want to depend on the low bidder for something as important to you as your long-term energy investment !

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