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Photovoltaic (PV) panels, Solar Thermal and Wind Turbines are the key components of the renewable energy power system that convert the sunlight and wind into Power. 

However, there is a lot more to a high performance, Renewable Energy than just solar electric panels.  That is why Eco Depot USA offers complete, pre-engineered systems that include all system components as full, turnkey packages. 


We like to be able to say, “You bring us a project and we will deliver the Best Renewable Energy system solution for that project.

Eco Depot USA Renewable Energy System Solutions are expertly designed to make maximum energy efficiency one of the project’s assets.  The system design and application method best match the specific buildings requirements and geographic location. 

Eco Depot USA has a wide range of manufacturers we work with that allow for a broad range of building-integrated solutions that will not exceed roof-loading limits, will be compatible with the building architecture and aesthetically pleasing. 

The electrical system architectures developed by Eco Depot USA system engineers represent the most effective way to minimize system losses and maximize energy throughput. 

Eco Depot USA has an experienced projects group on staff to help with feasibility assessment, pre-construction services, and coordination of installed projects in conjunction with highly skilled engineers and certified installation contractors.

Feasibility Service

We pride ourselves on a thorough feasibility assessment.  We believe it is vital to listen to our customers’ goals and objectives, while reviewing energy consumption and utility rates.  Financial constraints, incentive availability, appropriate applications, and space are reviewed during the process. 

Pre-Construction Services

To ensure construction teams successfully incorporate Renewable Energy systems into projects, we offer professional assistance in the following:

  • Roof or shade structure array sizing
  • Wind Turbine Site feasibility studies
  • Solar Thermal System Integration
  • Specifications for solar site consideration
  • Solar tracking systems and static pole mounts 

Installed System Procurement

Eco Depot USA will review your project and advise you on the best team approach to obtain equipment and Utility service in local markets for both retrofits and new construction. 

Building Integrated System Solutions

Eco Depot USA offers complete systems to convert architectural metal roofs into a viable energy source.  By integrating solar panels that process sunlight, any roofing source can become a valuable energy producer.

Example Systems

  • Parking Shade Structures
  • Overhangs and Porches
  • Flat Roofs
  • Curved Metal Roofs
  • Solar Sheds

Eco Depot USA systems are designed with the highest quality, UL approved components.  The key component in all our systems are the best available and come with the longest warranties in the Industry.

Our pre-engineered system solutions are not compromised by components from one manufacturer but are designed to meet your specific Renewable Energy generating requirements.


Eco Depot USA System Highlights

  • Weather-tight, quick connect systems
  • We offer systems that are Shade tolerant and have superior performance at both high temperatures and under cloudy low-light conditions
  • Minimal System Loss and Maximum Efficiency
  • 20-year warranty on PV power output and physical integrity, and 5-year system warranty
  • Favorable return on investment (ROI) due in part to low installation costs
  • All of our system components are UL listed and the Highest Quality currently available
  • We can administer all Rebates and Incentives for you
  • Complete system design and engineering support





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