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USDA grants, CERT’s grants, Power Company Grants and other grants are possible for the pioneering purchases of renewable energy systems.


This country has great renewable resources available and these Grants can help fund Renewable energy systems for thousands of individuals, farmers and rural small businesses. We think this is a great way to bring our tax dollars home.

Eco Depot USA requires a $500 deposit to start the grant application process and $1,000 when the grant is completed and submitted. Half of this fee will be returned if Eco Depot USA is selected to install your Renewable energy system.


USDA Grant Program

The purpose of the USDA Grant program is to help farmers, ranchers and rural small businesses reduce energy costs and consumption to help the nation meet its energy needs.


The program will also help support and stimulate rural economic development by helping agriculture producers and rural small businesses create new renewable energy sources and income, create new jobs, and create new uses for agricultural products.


Cert's and Power Company  Residential Grants:

Ask us about grants in your State, Community and from your Local Power Provider.

Eligible USDA Grant Applicants:

This program excludes residential purposes. Applicants must be either an agricultural producer or a small business. The project must be located in a rural area.

Agricultural Producers:

An individual or entity directly involved in the production of agricultural products and 50% or greater of their gross income is derived from the agricultural production.

Small Business:

A private entity, including a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and cooperative. Municipal or Tribal electric utilities may also qualify. Must meet SBA small business size standards, including aggregate of affiliated and subsidiary entities; excludes other non-profit entities.


All areas other than a city with a population greater than 50,000 and urbanized area contiguous and adjacent to such city.

Grants can fund up to 25% of eligible project costs. Minimum and maximum grant awards $2,500.00 to $500,000.00 for renewable energy projects.


It is our understanding that USDA Government Grants are in-lieu of the Federal Tax credit.

Eco Depot USA Grant Writing


Eligible Uses

Purchase and installation of equipment (post-application)

Construction (post-application)

Feasibility studies and business plans

Professional service feeĀ  (excluding application preparation)

Permit fees and energy audits


Information required from customer to start the Grant Writing Process:

Social Security Number, Farm Tax ID, or EIN

Duns # - Assigned by Duns & Bradstreet

Type of Business - i.e.. LLC, S Corp., C Corp.

Copies of the last three years Tax Returns

Electric bill with annual usage

Proof of property control - Copy of Lease or Deed

Legal Description of property

Funding sources for Project - Letter of commitment from bank

Description of business operations

Description of business ownership

NAICS code (North American Industry Classification System)


Here is a link to a USDA 9006 grant program for your renewable energy project:

USDA official website:


More information coming soon or Call the Eco Depot USA grant writing

Team at 719-539-6000


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