Limited Installation Services Warranty


Eco Depot USA, LLC warrants the installation services of Eco Depot USA related to the system owner’s photovoltaic modules and inverters (collectively, the “solar system”) to be free from defects in the installation services under normal application, use, and service conditions for a period of five (5) year from the first date of the original installation services.

If a solar system malfunctions or becomes inoperable due to defective or improper installation services of Eco Depot USA during the five year period of this warranty, Eco Depot USA will provide the service to determine the cause of the defect and resolve the defect through re-performance of the defective or improper installation services or replacement of a component, as, and to the extent, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Service charge will apply for travel distance. This limited warranty, shall transfer from the original buyer /end user to subsequent buyers /end users for the remainder of the warranty term provided the solar system is not moved or relocated from its originally installed location.

Warranty Exclusions

If, in Eco Depot USA’s sole judgment, a solar system has been subject to misuse, neglect or accident or has been damaged through abuse, alteration, failure to follow Eco Depot USA’s or the manufacturers’ operation or maintenance instructions, or repaired by anyone other than Eco Depot USA and its authorized dealers / installers, this warranty will not be applicable. This warranty will also not cover damage due to acts of God, power failures, lightning, fire, flood, severe weather, hailstorms, insect and pest infestation, and other events reasonably beyond Eco Depot USA’s control. Warranty coverage does not include any transportation costs for return of components or for reshipment of any repaired or replaced components.

Limitations of Warranty and Liability

Eco Depot USA makes no warranties whatsoever regarding the component parts of the solar system. However, Eco Depot USA does, for solar system components purchased through Eco Depot USA, hereby assign and pass through to the system owner all manufacturers’ warranties for the component parts of the solar system, to the greatest extent such warranties are assignable. Damage to persons or property or other loss or injury resulting from defects in the solar system or use thereof shall not be the responsibility of Eco Depot USA. Eco Depot USA will not under any circumstances be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any nature, whether based on contract, tort or other legal theory including, without limitation, business interruption costs, removal and/or reinstallation costs, re-procurement costs, loss of profit or revenue, loss of data, promotional or manufacturing expenses, overhead charges, injury to business reputation or loss of customers. In all cases, Eco Depot USA’s total liability will be limited to the price of services performed by Eco Depot USA.

Warranty Claim Procedure

Claims under this warranty will be considered if submitted by phone, e-mail, registered or certified mail to Eco Depot USA P.O. Box 773, Salida, CO 81201 within 60 days following the discovery of any defect covered by this warranty, with specific details in writing.

Contact Information

Eco Depot USA, LLC
P.O. Box 773, Salida, CO 81201



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