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Before you begin, you will need to know what your average electric usage is in kilowatt hours. This information is at the bottom of your electric bill. Find an average of winter and summer usage.

The following questionnaire will give Eco Depot USA basic information to estimate the price of a renewable energy system that suits your needs. Filling out this form will put you in touch with our sales team. Before you purchase a system, a Site Technician will visit your site and discuss your particular energy needs in order to design the perfect system for your home or business.

If you are not ready to speak with one of our sales team, you can go to thru our website to learn about renewable energy and what type of system best fits your needs.

If you are ready, grab your electric bill and get started! Please read carefully and answer all the questions fully as possible (all questions marked with a "*" require an answer to be submitted).Privacy Policy

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If you plan to mount solar panels on a roof, what material is the roof made of:





How many square feet is the space selected for the solar panels?


What direction is the space facing? (South is optimal.)


Do you plan to run any 240V loads?


What is your budget for this project?


What additional details can you share to help us size your renewable energy system?

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