Site Design, Procurement and Construction

The Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) process for Renewable Energy Systems starts with the review of your site performed by one of Eco Depot USA's system designers.

During your site review the Eco Depot USA designer will take measurements of your lot and your buildings, take notes of your roofing materials and orientation, and assess the present shading factors as well as those that may grow up over time. After this we will evaluate and design the best system for your needs and situation.

The system designer will also take the time to explain to you what will be occur when you decide to purchase a renewable energy system. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to ask. We will be more than happy to answer questions to the best of our ability.

System Design and Approval

Once the site-review is completed, an Eco Depot USA solar system designer can design a system that both fits your home and meets as much of your electrical needs as possible. It should be noted that due to certain shading factors, roof orientations, and physical roof space, your system may not accommodate your total energy needs. It may in fact only provide a portion of it without a pole mounted system or a Sol Shed.

This general design plan is normally available to you at the conclusion of the site-review. You can then approve the general plan and proceed to the next steps.

If there is any discrepancy with the design, by all means, please bring your concerns to the attention of our system designer and we will accommodate you.

Solar Energy Is Easy

The actual operation of your renewable energy systems requires minimal human interface. The fuel supply is delivered day after day from the sun or wind without the need of extensive mining activities or a complex distribution chain. Sunlight is converted into electricity without the need for many mechanical or moving parts – further eliminating the need for human involvement.

Your Eco Depot USA solar system is designed to last for 20+ years. Very minimal maintenance is required; the occasional washing of the panels using a hose can help, but is typically not necessary unless you live in a dusty location. Tree sap, bird droppings, leaves and branches may also build-up from time to time.

A well-maintained solar system will provide the greatest amount of electricity for you. This matters to you because the electricity that you generate from your solar system will continue to pay for itself. By contrast, the electricity you receive from the utility company will most likely continue to increase in cost.

Rebate Specialists

Solar and wind energy has many tax incentive and rebates available depending on your utility company and city, county or state. Eco Depot USA stays up to date and as part of our service we facilitate many of the rebate programs available. Making it easier and hassle free for you to maximize you investment into solar or wind energy system.

Security Deposit

Following your authorization you will be required to pay a security deposit. Typically, a deposit of 50% is required. After that, Eco Depot USA will seek the appropriate permits, apply for utility interconnection, and submit the appropriate paperwork.

This process may take a few weeks, but at the conclusion, a team of Eco Depot USA installation technicians will be prepared to have your system installed and ready to operate in a couple of days.


Once your paperwork is in order, we will contact you to set an installation date. Eco Depot USA installation technicians will then install your Solar System and prepare it for final inspection.

Once the local inspectors have inspected the installation, you are ready to begin taking advantage of reduced prices, more reliable service, and 100% clean energy.

Solar Power Gives You a Choice

Solar energy to you means a stable energy price, a more reliable energy grid, a cleaner, healthier environment, and more money flowing in our own economy. Solar power gives you a choice.

If you are a potential customer that wants to help clean the environment, stem global warming, strengthen our energy grid, and become energy independent, please contact Eco Depot USA today.

Make Safety Your Number One Priority

If you do decide to go up on your roof, we strongly caution you to make safety your number one priority. Please do not attempt any cleaning of your solar system unless you have the proper safety equipment, and you are completely comfortable and capable of such actions.


An Eco Depot USA Solar System is highly effective, totally safe, and amazingly simple. When you begin using solar power, you are not only contributing to a clean environment, you are taking a step toward energy independence.



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