Residential Grid Connected PV System

Net metering laws allow you to sell excess electricity back to the utility company, in essence spinning your meter backwards.


With net metering, your electric meter tracks your electricity usage:

It spins forwards when you use electricity from the utility, and backwards when you generate more electricity than you use. A net meter will be supplied as a part of your renewable energy system, and is installed and checked by the local utility company.

Net metering increases the value of the electricity produced by your PV system:

Net Metering allows you to basically "store" the electricity produced on the grid, and use it at different time than it is produced This gives you more flexibility and maximizes the value of the system's production.

Eco Depot USA works with closely with your utility company:

This ensures that we are compliant with all interconnection codes, and we work with the utility to schedule the installation of the new net meter that will be installed after the installation of your Renewable Energy System.

No expiration date on net metering:

You can be assured of this opportunity for the entire life of your renewable energy system.

Eco Depot USA can carry most utility company rebates:

Contact us to see if your Renewable Energy System is eligible !


  • Solar panel array at the top,


  • Power Inverter at image center, and


  • Net Meter



Also, one could easily picture a wind turbine and/or micro-hydro sub-system in place of or even side by side with the PV system.


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