A Trusted Name In Solar Electricity

It has been nearly a half-century since Sharp's first reliable solar-power solution was used in a lighthouse. It's also when our vision for a clean, solar-powered world led us to develop solar systems for a broad range of applications.

From satellites, telecommunications, water pumps, remote houses and safety signals, to grid-tied homes, businesses and large solar farms, Sharp has manufactured a variety of products that harvest abundant, inexhaustible solar energy - all to deliver electricity.

A Global Leader

Forty-five years and countless innovations later, Sharp is a global leader in solar, providing the systems to power more homes and businesses than any other solar manufacturer in the world.

With more solar energy product choices than ever, Sharp is poised to bring the promise of this amazing, money-saving, non-polluting and ever-renewable resource to everyone on the planet - from the largest business to homes and families around the world.  

Solar Electricity Makes Sense Today

Solar electricity is quickly becoming the energy option of choice for many Americans. The advantages for you,  your family and the environment are compelling and easy to understand. And with Eco Depot USA’s help, having a solar electric system installed on your home has never been easier.

Sun For All

Sharp offers more than one way to go solar. With so many options to choose from, you and your Eco Depot USA certified Sharp installer will decide what's right for your home and your family. Much of the decision is based on the amount of roof space you have and which direction your home faces.

Eco Depot USA will review with you the advantages of these different options and help determine what works best for you.


Sometimes It's Good To Blend In

OnEnergy™ Roof-Mounted Solar Electric Systems

Most residential solar modules are installed on your roof. These systems include a rack with solar modules that attach to it. The OnEnergy™ system is Sharp's custom solution that's designed to meet your electricity requirements and the specifications of your roof.


The OnEnergyOnEnergy™ system replaces the bulky look of traditional roof mounts with a unique, low-profile rack designed to blend beautifully with a home's roofline

  • The low-profile racking system creates a seamless appearance that integrates well with several different roof types.
  • Sharp offers a variety of modules that optimize energy production and allow Sharp-certified installers to create a custom solution for your home. There's even an exclusive triangle-shaped module for hip roofs and angled roofs.
  • The OnEnergy system can be installed on asphalt-shingle, flat-concrete tile and even curved high-profile (Spanish) tile roofs without compromising the integrity of the roof.
  • The OnEnergy system is also UL-listed as a complete system and can be easily retrofitted on existing roofs or installed during new home construction.









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