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What is solar water heating and how does it work?

Traditionally, conventional water heaters have been used to heat water for the home.  Powered by electricity, natural gas, oil or propane, these devices rely on energy that is nonrenewable and can be costly to produce and purchase.  Solar water heating, on the other hand, is a simple, clean, economical way to satisfy most of a family's hot water needs.
A solar water heating system has three main steps.  First, sunlight is captured by solar collectors outside, heating liquid inside the collector.  Second, heat from the liquid is transferred into hot water.  Third, the heated water is stored in an insulated tank until you need it.

Is solar water heating feasible in my climate?

Regardless of where you live, the answer is yes.  The sun shines everyday, emitting energy even on the cloudiest of winter days. While the percentage of the sun's rays varies depending on your latitude, solar water heating systems work well throughout North America.  Even in latitudes farthest from the equator, solar energy can provide cost-effective heat to satisfy your needs.


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