Polypropylene Solar Hot Water Storage

Polypropylene Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks are used for Hot Water & Solar applications, for CLOSED LOOP SYSTEMS ONLY.

Solar hot water tanks are rotationally molded Polypropylene Tanks can withstand a Maximum water temperature of 200 degrees F with ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE ONLY.

Made to ONLY be stored Above Ground, each tank features a 24" threaded manway and also includes (4) 1" NPT FEMALE THREADED FITTINGS, installed per the customers request.

We also offer Polyurethane Insulation (R value of R22) at additional costs.


Plastis solar water tank.jpg


10 Gallon  Solar    Hot Water Storage Tank

12" Dia. x 24"H


75 Gallon    Solar     Hot Water Storage Tank

23" Dia. x 50"H


200 Gallon  Solar     Hot Water Storage Tank

31" Dia. x 74" H


265 Gallon  Solar     Hot Water Storage Tank

33" Dia. x 78" H


500 Gallon  Solar     Hot Water Storage Tank

45" Dia. x 90"H



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