Jacobs® Wind Turbines


The Jacobs® wind turbines are considered by many to be the "Cadillac” of the wind turbine industry. 

Founded in the mid 1920s, the Jacobs® name is the oldest company in the field of wind energy. 

The Jacobs® Wind Energy Systems have many features to insure reliability, performance & years of trouble free operation. 

These features provide protection against high and stormy winds, which could potentially damage the machine




All machines can be utilized for Grid Intertie or Hybrid battery charging.

Grid tied Systems

The Grid Tie System interconnects with your present utility grid and during low demands; the excess power that you do not use is sold back to the power company. During low wind periods, the peak power requirements are satisfied by the utility.

Hybrid Power Plant

The Hybrid System is a remote power system that can supply up to 10kW's of power for places where utility power is not available, this system is also available in 20kW. It operates on a 120 volt DC battery system that uses wind as the primary charging source, solar may be added as a secondary source. An engine generator is recommended for backup charging during low wind periods. A wide range of inverters are available to meet the customer’s particular AC load requirements.


For warranty and installation reasons, it is recommended that you purchase a system through an authorized Jacobs® dealer such as Eco Depot USA.

      • Site Planning Assistance
      • Installation
      • Maintenance Service

Knowledge is the key to a successful installation and operation of your wind system. We can provide you with information regarding typical wind data in your area, a pre-site analysis and the important aspects to consider when purchasing a Wind Energy System.

- Output: 240V AC, 60Hz, 1 phase
- Rating 20 kWh
- Type: Nominally horizontal upwind design
- Cut in Wind Speed: 8 mph
- Peak Output: 25.5 mph
- Rotor Type: 3 blade Variable Pitch
- Rotor RPM at Rated Output Power: 175
- Rotor Diameter: 29 feet
- Transmission: Offset Hypoid gear drive
- Ratio of Rotor to Alternator: 1.6
- Alternator Type: Brushless, 3 phase
- Alternator Rating: 30 KVA, 3 phase, 0-180 volts

- Yaw Control: Dual Fold Tail
- Over speed: Blade Actuated Governor
- High Wind/Storm: Offset Rotor Axis
- Brake Type: Multi-disc


                     Jacobs®  the "Cadillac” of the wind turbine industry


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