SMA  Windy Boy


SMA’s Windy Boy inverters combine the same proven technology present in all Sunny Boy inverters with special firmware that permits direct grid tied operation with a broad range of wind turbines – without batteries.



This greatly reduces the overall system cost because components such as the charge controller, batteries and associated switch gear can be eliminated.

Increased total energy capture combined with a reduction of balance of system components greatly reduces the installation and operating costs of a grid-tied wind system. Contact Eco Depot USA for information on compatible wind turbine models and system design considerations.


WINDY BOY - Grid-coupling small wind energy plants

The grid-coupling of small wind energy plants is simpler than ever - with the Windy Boy from SMA. It converts the variable frequency voltage from wind generators into grid conforming AC voltage.

Thus the energy can be used privately, excess energy fed into the mains grid and respectively remunerated. The Windy Boy works perfectly together with the Sunny Island in stand-alone grids for the electrification of remote areas.

The Windy Boys are suitable for wind generators from a wide variety of manufacturers and power classes. They guarantee an optimal power adjustment and very high energy yields.

They are also suited for flexible and worldwide use - ensured by the robust housing, the SMA Grid Guard disconnection device, the electric separation to the grid along with an automatic 50 or 60 Hz recognition.



  • Certified to the new UL 1741/ IEEE 1547
  • 5-year limited warranty standard
  • Comprehensive SMA communications and data collection options
  • Rugged stainless steel enclosure
  • Exceptional reliability and energy capture ratio
  • Easy to install three-point mounting system
  • Modular design is easily expandable


SMA Windy Boy website


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