NorthWind 100kW 


Pricing and Maintenance Budgeting, Warranty Information


Note: This document is for general budgeting purposes only.


How much does it cost to buy and install a Northwind 100?

The list price of a Northwind 100 Nacelle and Standard 37-meter tower is approximately US $320,000. Included in this pricing is the standard 2-year warranty and SmartView, Northern Power's remote monitoring software.


Shipping and FAA lights are not included in this estimate.


Spare Parts and an extended warranty are not included in this

estimated budget.


The "total installed cost” of your wind project will include, in addition to the turbine & tower costs above, the costs of site-specific engineering, permitting, constructing a foundation, interconnecting with the grid, erecting the turbine & tower and commissioning the turbine.


These costs can vary widely based on local building regulations, accessibility of the site, environmental and soil conditions of the site (which determine foundation type and costs).

The distance between the wind turbine and the utility interface and the services offered by Eco Depot USA will vary by site location.


For planning purposes, it is recommended that you budget approximately $250,000 for these additional costs.


Northern Power will be involved in the commissioning and will certainly support engineering and construction efforts, but they do not perform the engineering and construction services noted above.


It is important to note that many States in the US offer incentives such as cash grants or interest-free Loans that can reduce your up-front costs significantly. Plus Loan Guarantees and Tax credits.



How much will it cost to maintain my Northwind 100?


The Northwind 100 was designed with high reliability in mind, so you can be assured of low life cycle costs for the life of your Wind Turbine. Although industry standards approach 1.5¢ per kilowatt hour produced, the gearless, hydraulics-free NorthWind turbine is expected to cost less.


Annual Preventative Maintenance


Northern provides as an option a 2-year maintenance kit containing the materials that need to be replaced each year. The annual preventative maintenance procedure will require approximately 10 labor hours, a torque wrench, and a grease gun. It can be performed by any Northern-certified technician.

For planning purposes, you should budget US $1,000 to US $1,500 for materials & labor for this annual check.



Major Repair Reserve


In addition to annual maintenance, we also recommend planning for unscheduled repair activities. We advise setting aside 13% for the cost of the wind turbine for miscellaneous repairs over its 20-year life.


For example, setting aside US $2,000 for maintenance each year will cost US $ 40,000 over the 20-year life of the turbine.


Spare Parts


In addition to the maintenance suggestions above, Northern Power recommends that you purchase a spare parts package to ensure that change outs of minor parts will not be delayed by shipping time, minimizing the turbine’s down-time.


Warranty replacements can be used to refresh your spares inventory. Northern Power provides both minimum recommended spares and site inventory packages as options.



What does the 2-year Product Limited Warranty cover?


The Northwind 100 limited warranty will cover all parts for a period of 2 years. An extended warranty for a period of up to 5 years is available as an option, at additional cost.


The warranty validity is conditional upon the annual scheduled maintenance being performed as noted above.


Northern Power also requires internet access to the Smartview software in the turbine’s controller. The internet link, with password protection, allows owners and operators to monitor performance of the turbine remotely and /or notify operators of poor operating conditions. It also allows Northern to perform certain diagnostics remotely.



Note: This document is for general budgeting purposes only.




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