Northwind 100 Wind Turbine


Description of Products and Options

The purpose of this document is to describe the Northwind 100 wind turbine standard configuration and product options. This document is intended for the general public, especially customers, distributors, and end users. For pricing, please refer to the latest price list.


The Northwind 100 is a direct-drive permanent-magnet wind turbine generator, rated at 100kW of output power and optimized for low wind speeds.

Assembly of a NorthWind 100 Nacelle, Barre, VT.


The following accessories and features are included in the base price of the Northwind 100.


• Northwind 100 wind turbine nacelle, including advanced power generation and proprietary power electronics

• SmartView Monitoring System, including one concurrent user license for SmartView Web Service, which allows monitoring and control of the wind turbine over the internet

Rotor, either 19m or 21m, including hub and blades

Rated output power at 480V, 3-phase, 60Hz

2-year parts-only warranty


Northwind 100 Product & Options

Two Rotor Alternatives


Rotors for Standard or High-wind Sites


21-meter Rotor: Most sites require the 21-meter rotor. It is designed for maximum wind capture in moderate wind regimes, IEC Wind Turbine Class II conditions.


19-meter Rotor: The 19-meter rotor is designed to withstand higher wind regimes than the 21m rotor, IEC Wind Turbine Class I conditions.


Below is a guideline for choosing the appropriate rotor for your wind site. All wind speeds are at the height of the turbine hub.


21-meter rotor




19-meter rotor

(high wind)



Annual average wind speed 8.5 m/s or less 8.5 to 10 m/s

Reference wind speed

(10-minute average, 50-year recurrence period) 42.5 m/s 50 m/s

Extreme wind speed (3-second average, 50-year recurrence period) 59.5 m/s 70 m/s


 StaClean Blade Treatment  Tisook Bay, Alaska


StaClean™ Fluoroethane Wind Turbine Blade Coating


For customers concerned about ice forming on the turbine blades and either diminishing the effectiveness of the turbine or posing a potential danger, the StaClean blade treatment is an attractive option. StaClean is a “tough, slick coating [that] reduces maintenance, improves efficiency and increases the life of the wind turbine blades,” according to the manufacturer, Polytech Services Company.


This option is priced separately.


 Two Tower Alternatives


The Northwind 100 nacelle sits atop a tower. Northern offers two standard alternatives for towers.


37-meter Tower: In general, the wind speed increases with height above the ground. For most sites, the 37m tower, which positions the hub 120 feet above grade, will be the best fit and provide the best energy capture. The 37-meter tower is certified for IEC Wind Turbine Class II conditions only.


30-meter Tower: Some situations require that the nacelle be positioned nearer the ground. Those situations include:


High-wind sites, where wind speeds at higher levels exceed operating conditions for the Northwind 100.


Height-constrained sites, for example near public-access airports or sites subject to height-related zoning restrictions.


The 30-meter tower is certified for both IEC Wind Turbine Class I and Class II conditions.


Both Northern Power -supplied tower options are priced separately.


Power Output Alternatives


The Northwind 100 can be configured to provide either 60-hertz or 50-hertz power.


60-hertz Output: The inverter in the Northwind 100 creates 480-volt, 3-phase power at 60 hertz. This is the default configuration and is included in the base price.


50-hertz Output: The output of the Northwind 100 can be converted to 50Hz. This alternative is priced separately.



 Northwind 100 Options


The following options are available for the Northwind 100 and will affect the configuration of the equipment shipped to your site. All options listed in this section are priced separately.


Safety Options


FAA-approved L-810 LED Obstruction Lighting Kit. Even our taller 37-meter tower is low enough in most sites that it will not require FAA lights. However, these lights can be ordered if turbine sitting requires it or for other customer-driven reasons.


Auto-descent Device: Some customers may find it desirable to provide an alternate personnel descent means from the top of the turbine. Our auto-descent device is a harness and pulley system that allows emergency descent outside of the monopole tower.


Miscellaneous Options


Cold-weather Package: The standard Northwind 100 configuration is rated to -25 degrees Celsius. The cold-weather package includes a heater for the yaw drive and a space heater for the nacelle, reducing the rated minimum temperature for full-power operation to -40 degrees Celsius.


Utility Interconnect Relay: Although the Northwind 100 has been designed to the requirements of IEEE 1547, it is not yet (as of July 2008) certified. In the event that a utility requires a certified device as part of its interconnect, this option will fulfill that requirement.


Interconnect Relay with Revenue-grade Meter: This option is for customers who need a revenue-grade meter to measure actual wind turbine power output in addition to the utility interconnect relay. The power output displayed in the SmartView system by default is a calculated value, using estimates of losses due to parasitic loads. Revenue-grade metering is required for performance guarantees and may be required by utilities. The output from this meter can be used by SmartView in place of its default estimates.


Anchor Bolt Template: For customers who need a template to support the layout of anchor bolts in the foundation, Northern can supply a template guaranteed to match the tower bolt pattern.


Embedded Anchor Bolt Ring: While the foundation design for a specific site is the responsibility of the customer, Northern & Eco Depot USA can work with the foundation engineer to supply a ring fulfilling the design requirements.


SmartView Web Service Concurrent User License: Customers who wish to allow more than one user to access SmartView Web Service simultaneously will want to purchase additional SmartView concurrent user licenses. For each user account, you will be able to define the login, password, access restrictions, and other parameters. See the SmartView brochure for more information.


Extended 5-year Limited Warranty:  If desired, the standard 2-year limited product warranty can be extended up to a maximum of 5 years.


2-year Maintenance Kit: This kit includes the basic supplies needed to perform the annual maintenance recommended in our Operation and Maintenance Manual for two years. It includes oil, grease, and yaw brake pad replacements.


Minimum Recommended Spares Kit: This kit, recommended as a one-time purchase, includes the basic wear-and-tear spare parts for quick replacement on site. As parts are used, they will be replaced by warranty when applicable.


Otherwise, we recommend that you order replacements so that you maintain the recommended spares on site at all times. This kit includes relays, fuses, ribbon cable and a replacement starter for the yaw drive motor.


Shipping Components


40-foot ISO Shipping Container: For shipping methods requiring sea freight, we will place the turbine in an ISO shipping container. The container, if required, is priced separately.



Northern Power Systems

29 Pitman Road

Barre, VT 05641

Tel: (802)461-2955



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