Northwind 100™   Our Design. Your SolutionNorthWind 100™  Our Design. Your Solution   


Northern Power is a Vermont based manufacturer of Northwind Turbines and has been in the wind turbine business for 35 years




Originally developed with a NASA grant and designed for remote and isolated sites, the Northwind 100 placed reliability at a premium. Regular and costly maintenance was not an option for applications located in the South Pole or the Indian Ocean, let alone your farm, school or business. 

What this means for your application is more energy and less maintenance.  

An engineering advancement in simplicity and precision, Northwinds' gearless direct drive technology maximizes energy capture and outperforms conventional gearbox designs, therefore, optimizing the Northwind 100 for low wind speeds. 

Northwind turbines begin making power at wind speeds as low as 3 meters per second (6.6mph) and can provide clear economic benefits in sites with as little as 5.5 meters per second (12.3mph) average annual wind speeds.  

What’s more is that you can track these advancements by utilizing Nortwinds' SmartView monitoring system.  All of their turbines come standard with the Smartview computer application which provides onsite and remote access for viewing real time power production via the web.  




With the ever escalating cost of energy, the Northwind 100 provides real power solutions for municipalities and communities, farms, schools, businesses, rural utilities and off grid village applications. The Northwind 100 is helping to shape the way we think about community wind and local power. 


Community wind

Community wind energy provides an opportunity to generate both energy and revenue while keeping energy dollars local and protecting the environment of the communities that they serve. 

At 100 kilowatts of rated power, the Northwind 100 wind turbine can match the power needs of many local applications, whether they are municipalities, schools and universities, commercial farms, or business campuses. 

Its physical size fits within most constraints inherent in highly populated areas and the low-maintenance design ensures that you can “fly it and forget it.”


“The Northwind 100 is making measurable economic impacts in the lives of people who have made these elegant towers their partners in change.”


You’re Solution

The Northwind 100 is the ideal choice for community applications that favor a low height profile, easy utility connect, low noise and cost effectiveness such as municipalities, farms, schools, businesses, rural utilities and remote villages.

Northwind turbines reach 121 feet into the sky and are noise levels are measured at 50dba which fits neatly into most landscapes.  Even at modest wind speeds, the Northwind 100 can produce enough electricity to represent significant savings in utility costs.  Given its 20 year design life, you can be sure that the Northwind 100 will provide long term benefits and more than pay for itself over time.  


“Discover the Northwind 100 and harness the most advanced technology, in its simplest form, to create solutions for your renewable energy needs.”


How Much Energy Will A 100kW Turbine Produce?How much Power will a Northwind 100 Produce ?

A 100kW wind turbine will produce different amounts of electricity based on the average wind speed at your site. The Northwind 100 utilizes advanced turbine technology to ensure excellent energy capture for its size. 

For example, if your site has an average wind resource measuring 4 meters per second (8.90 mph) and follows a standard distribution (i.e. a “bell curve” of wind speeds), you can expect the Northwind 100 turbine to produce approximately 70,000 kilowatts-hours of energy in a year.  If your average wind speed is 6 meters per second (13.4 mph), the Northwind 100 will produce approximately 214,000 kilowatt-hours per year.



A successful wind project depends not only on an advanced and reliable wind turbine, but on a variety of other activities as well.  Erecting one or more wind turbines usually requires site-specific activity in at least some of the following areas:

  • Analyzing the site’s wind resource and sitting the turbine
  • Developing financial modeling and payback analyses
  • Pursuing grant funding or other available incentives
  • Navigating the local permitting or other regulatory processes
  • Constructing the foundation and installing the turbine
  • Performing service and maintenance activities


If you are looking for an integrator to help with some or all of the activities listed above, give Eco Depot USA a call, we look forward to speaking with you. 




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