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Eco Depot USA is passionate about delivering reliable, sustainable energy through Proven Energy’s award winning range of wind turbines

The high performance Proven Turbine is the result of 25+ years of Innovative research and development. Key to its success is the unique design of the Proven blade, which adapts to the wind, optimizing performance and safety even in the strongest winds.



With over 2000 installations worldwide, the Proven Turbine delivers affordable energy security to a wide range of applications.

Installing a Proven Turbine system will cut fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions and reduce your electricity bills.


                                           PROVEN reliability

Providing robust, low maintenance electricity generation, Proven Energy’s Internationally patented turbine has undergone rigorous testing at sites exposed to extreme conditions.

Successfully installed in diverse climates, Proven Turbines are generating electricity in the extreme cold of the Arctic Circle and the desert heat of Saudi Arabia.

Offering reliable energy generation for a wide range of clients, customers include Telecommunications, Retail, Utilities, and Oil companies as well as individual households and Local Governments.


DESIGN & performance

The patented Proven Flexible Blade System enables the turbine to generate power in light or strong winds. The unique system, a combination of innovative design and the latest techniques in advanced composite technology, allows the blades to bend and flex.


               Sustained performance maximizes your investment

As the wind gets stronger, the blades twist to reduce their aerodynamic efficiency. This allows the Proven Turbine to keep a high output even in the fiercest storms, unlike many turbines which need to stop producing to protect themselves in high wind speeds. The blades will also regulate their speed, preventing damage, should there be a disconnection of load from the turbine.


                                     LOW NOISE & low maintenance

Designed to minimize noise and maintenance the Proven Turbine has a direct drive generator, which operates without a gearbox.

The generator load is continually monitored to keep blades rotating at a low speed, while optimizing power output. Proven Turbines have one of the lowest blade tip speeds of modern small turbines, minimizing sound.

                                         SYSTEMS & applications

All Proven Turbines are available in three standard systems, which manage how the electricity produced is used.


  • Grid Connect   The electricity produced is fed through an Inverter directly into your fuse box or distribution board, providing power to your premises. Any surplus electricity produced can be exported to the Grid, and sold to an electricity provider. Convenience and the opportunity to sell excess electricity have made this the most popular system.
  • Battery Charging   Energy produced by the turbine is stored in a bank of batteries, to provide a back up power supply. Excess power can also fed to the Grid.  
  • Direct Heating   Energy produced by the turbine is directed to hot water tanks, storage heaters or under-floor heating, rather than providing electricity to feed into your power supply.


Whether you are interested in reducing your electricity bills, powering your business or just generating green electricity for your home, Eco Depot USA can help you find your sustainable energy solution.




USER friendly

Proven designed controllers can run the system automatically and display power output from the turbine, without the need for you to have special skills. The power connectors and turbine brake are easily accessible at the base of the mast.



Proven Energy currently produces a series of 3 turbines to offer sustainable energy solutions to a wide range of applications. With many years’ experience, we value the importance of intelligent Site selection and can help you choose the right system for your needs.

Eco Depot USA offers a complete system service, from site assessment and system design to supply, installation and maintenance.


Proven 2.5

Generates 2.5kW, and is a similar height to a telephone pole. The Proven 2.5 can make a substantial contribution to the power required by electrical appliances in a standard 3 bedroom house (excluding heating). The robust 2.5 is also ideal for small lighting systems.


Proven 6

Produces 6kW of power, suited to a wide range of clients. The Proven 6 will supply electricity to a standard 4 – 6 bedroom house (excluding heating), with the potential to sell excess electricity back to the national grid. Schools are using the Proven 6 to generate electricity as well as educate their students, and multiple turbines can be used to power offices or retail units.


Proven 15

Proven’s largest model produces 15kW. The Proven 15 will supply a 6 to 10 bedroom house, with the potential to sell excess electricity back to the Grid, or supply a group of smaller houses The Proven 15 is also ideal for commercial applications such as agriculture, larger telecom towers, small industrial units, motels and mini wind farms.


Energy that Does Not Cost the Earth

Whether you are interested in reducing domestic electricity bills, or just generating green electricity to power your business or home, Eco Depot USA Wcan work with you to find your sustainable energy solution.



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