Making Renewable Energy Affordable


We are at a cross roads in our energy consumption, we can either choose to continue as we have been, or we can make a change to improve our future and quite possibly, the future for several generations to come.

To help meet this challenge, we have been making Renewable Energy more affordable than ever.


Rising electric and gas prices have left many homeowners and businesses alike in the position of paying higher energy costs. Fear not though, for now there is an affordable option for generating energy by using solar electricity, solar thermal (hot water & heating) and small wind systems on your property. These Renewable Energy Systems can provide savings today and clean energy production long into the future.


Solar Electric

First, let us clarify the difference between each system. A solar electric system, also know as photovoltaic (PV), provides electricity from the sun. The solar electric panel collects the sun’s energy and converts it into direct current (DC) electricity.

This electricity is gathered in electrical conduit that runs from the panels to the inverter; this is the device that converts your electricity from DC to alternating current (AC) for use on your property. A bi-directional electrical meter displays the net power usage that you consume throughout the day.

When you generate more energy than you use, your meter spins backward, crediting your electrical bill. When you generate less or use more energy, the meter spins slowly forward. You now produce your own electricity for your home or business and all the excess electricity generated is stored in the utility grid for future use.


Solar Thermal Systems

A solar thermal system also collects energy from the sun. Instead of electrical energy, it produces hot water for consumption, like showers, dishwasher, laundry and low temperature heating systems like radiant floor or water baseboard heating. The panels have a closed looped system that is filled with a glycol mixture. As the temperature of the glycol rises, a pump circulates the mixture and heats water through a single or double coil tank. This preheats your tank and then the water is ready to use for all your hot water needs.

Your original tank is usually left in place as a backup. This solar, pre-heated hot water can range in temperature from 99° to 250°.


Small Wind Systems

A grid tied wind system captures energy from the wind and allows you to feed that power into the grid and then draw it back out as needed.  The system consists of four main parts: a wind turbine, a wind tower, an inverter, and a power net meter.  Together, these four elements work to ensure a continuous flow of electricity into your home whenever the wind blows. Small wind is very site specific. 


Permanent Answers

All three of these systems, a solar electric, solar thermal system or small wind system can offer immediate, positive, and a permanent answers to some of our current problems. They can also offer a great deal more. Reducing your properties’ electric or gas bill is number one.

A solar electric, solar thermal system or a Small wind system can dramatically lower your monthly utility cost. These system's also provides long-term protection against rising electrical or gas bills. And all three reduce green houses gases that contribute to global warming. Depending on your system size, it many cases, they can eliminate your bill or bring it down to only the minimum monthly charge.


Tax Credits

Utility rebates and federal tax incentives are also making solar and wind affordable. Immediate utility rebates and federal tax credits can reduce the cost of a solar eclectic system by 30% to 70%.

This tax credit applies to residential and commercial solar and wind systems alike. Residential and Commercial solar and wind systems receive a full 30 % tax credit with no cap.

Commercial property owners who install a solar hot water or heating system on their property will receive the complete 30% credit as well.

Residential solar thermal also can receive a 30% tax credit. In addition, there is now a small wind tax credit of 30%. We now have 8 years with the new ITC bill to help people take advantage of this renewable energy tax relief. 


Utility Rebates

Depending on your utility company, there are rebates and renewable energy credits (REC) offered. These programs offer tremendous savings for solar electric and some solar thermal installations. Here in Colorado, Xcel Energy and Aquila Energy provides the highest rebate and renewable energy credits. Savings up to 50% can amount to $12,000 to $50,000 hard cash savings. Couple this with the federal tax incentives and the average systems cost can come down to $2000 to $10,000. Now that is affordable solar!

Therefore, instead of paying full price for a system, when you subtract all the incentives, you can possible end up paying only 20 to 50% of the whole system cost. There is also other funding source’s that we are currently researching at this time. The USDA Rural Development offers grants that will provide up to 25% of the system cost for small businesses, farmers and agricultural businesses.

As you can abstract from the numbers, a renewable energy systems can provide a good return on investment (ROI).  The rebates and incentives combined can have a break-even period of 1-7 years on average.


"Some say a solar eclectic system provides a return on investment that is competitive with the stock market but without the volatility."


Renewable Energy Increases Property values

Property values increase for homes and businesses with a renewable energy system attached. For many people it makes the property more attractive. A bill-free source of electrically or gas can provide a powerful incentive for that buyer. This is a unique advantage that you have as the seller.

For every utility bill dollar saved because of energy improvements, the property value gain is $10 to $20 dollars; this is based on a study in the Appraisal Journal.

These Renewable Energy Systems offer a clean source of energy generation that is extremely reliable and durable. By installing a Renewable Energy System on your property, you take one of the most important steps in helping to curb global warming and to help protect the environment for generations of come. In addition, most of these systems come with up to a 25-year warranty.


A Goal Worth Pursuing

Helping homeowners, businesses and others achieve these tremendous savings in their electric or gas bill, aid in the environment and lesson our dependence on fossil fuel, is a goal worth pursuing. As Renewable Energy integrators, we can help you analyze your home or business energy needs and create a custom solution that is tailored specifically to your site.

Our goal is to make this as streamlined as possible by handling all permitting and inspection procedures. We also submit all applications and rebate forms.

Best of all, we at Eco Depot USA, can carry most utility rebates making the system even more affordable from the very start!


Eco Depot USA - We are your renewable energy experts.

We offer:

Free site consultations & financial analysis; Custom Renewable Energy system design; Fast, professional and clean installations; System monitoring; and product and service warranties.



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