Small Wind Incentive Program


The Colorado Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) is partnering with four utility companies to offer a rebate for Small Wind Turbine installations.



 The Small Wind Incentive Program Partners are:


Highline Electric Association

  Contact: Jason Depperschmidt, 970-854-2236,

Sangre De Cristo Electric Association, Inc

  Contact: Bill Bennett, 719-395-4590,

Southeast Colorado Power Association

  Contact: Jack Wolfe, 719-384-2551,

Town of Estes Park

  Contact: Michael Mangelsen, 970-577-3583


 Jacobs Wind Turbine


Homeowners and businesses who are customers of one of these four utilities and are interested in installing a small wind turbine should contact their utility for specific program details.


This is not a direct-to-homeowner rebate from the State.The partners will be issuing the rebates.


This program was designed to respond to the growing interest in harnessing wind power to provide local, renewable power. In combination with energy efficiency, on-site wind energy is an opportunity for homeowners and small businesses to produce their own electricity and reduce our carbon footprint.


Partners in this program will administer the rebate program in their areas. This program is expected to add a total of forty new small wind energy installations.



What if the program isn't being offered in my area?


If you don't see your area on the participating program partner list, contact your local elected officials and ask them to contact your GEO Regional Representative about the Small Wind Incentive Program.



Small Wind Incentive Program Details


• $25,000 maximum matching grant from GEO - $25,000 or greater match from the recipient is required. $50,000 will be distributed by each partner for rebates.

• Rebates will be paid for up to 10 kW of installed DC capacity per installation, including systems larger than 10 kW.

• Incentive will be $1/watt DC from the partner and $1/watt DC from GEO, totaling $2/watt

• Rebates will not exceed 50% of the total cost of the project, or $10,000. Each utility will set the maximum rebate amount.

• Wind systems must be grid-tied and net metered by the interconnecting utility. Stand alone systems are not eligible

Eligibility for the rebate will require demonstration that all cost effective energy efficiency measures have been implemented in order to obtain the highest level

of energy performance

• All systems shall have a minimum 5 year warranty required on major systemcomponents and installation, with the exception of batteries, for which a minimum 2 year warranty is required

Inverters will be UL approved


Eco Depot USA is a CoSEIA Certified Installer for this program.


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